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Clinical Nutritional Education

is just the very start of how we will help you to

build healthy habits!

Understand why WHN Center uses the brands of whole food supplements that we do.

Video #1


This video talks about:

- Why Americans are overfed and undernourished. 

- The difference between common pharmaceutical-company-made supplements and whole food supplements.


The Standard Process brand is the primary brand, but not the only, high quality whole food supplement brand that WHNCenter uses to help our clients feed their organs and tissues. High quality whole food supplements assist us in making the transition from the standard American diet to a lifestyle that incorporates mostly whole foods. 


There is so much dissenting information available on the internet that creates confusion for many people. At WHNCenter, we are committed to educating our clients on proper clinical education so that you have the power to make better decisions for yourself and your family. See below for some powerful truths that are fundamentally changing how we perceive foods and diets.

"Big Fat Lies" Video #2

The Big Fat Lies video covers three major myths that have been created around nutrition and health.
First there is the issue of what is considered nutrition in today's modern world.
Second are the myths surrounding the cause of heart disease and the many factors that are considered to contribute to heart disease like: high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis , high cholesterol, HDL and LDL mismatches, lipid levels and so on.


Here is a brief summary:

If we were to pack all of human history into one year:

  • we've only been farming and eating grains since about yesterday and even in this short time we are shorter and fatter.

  • we only started eating processed vegetable oils since about 10 minutes ago and that has resulted in heart disease becoming our #1 killer.

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