Green Field

Enjoy Savings

by eliminating

Credit Card Fees

So you are saving 3% instantly as long as you pay with cash or check.

In an effort to keep our fees low, we have decided to price our goods and services with a cash discount.


We still welcome electronic payment methods; however, those transactions will incur a non-cash adjustment of 3%. We value ALL of our customers and we are doing this to provide better service and more value now and  in the future.

Simply choose manual payment at checkout and pay for service when you come in. Detox service plans do not have manual payment options at checkout. Please email us if you are interested in a detox plan.

Contact us with questions!

Vegetable Store


We are a private pay business; however, some clients have had success using their company's Health Savings Account (HSA) for appointments, supplements or both.


We offer phone consultations on a case by case basis.

Whole Health Nutrition, LLC is a nutrition center based in Binghamton, NY.


96 Castle Creek Road,

Binghamton, NY 13901

Tel: 607-239-5773

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