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Supplements for COVID-19

Here's what I recommend:

1)  Watch my "How to Strengthen Your Immune System" video on the Whole Health Nutrition Center Facebook Page or YouTube Site.

2)  Immuplex or Conaplex or Thymex:  This is to feed your immune system so that it can be more active. Take 3/3/3 per day if sick and 1/1/1 for preventative reasons

Cataplex ACP or Cataplex AC:  This is to help support your lung tissue particularly with respect to inflammation. If sick start with 2 per hr for 24 hrs and then go to 4/4/4 per day.  As a preventative just 1/1/1

Antronex:  This is to help clean up the "gunk" in the upper respiratory system that results from fighting an infection.  If sick take 5/5/5 per day with an extra 5 before bed.  As a preventative just 1/1/1

Spanish Black Radish:  This is to help clean out the entire lymphatic system from the "gunk" that results from fighting an infection.  If sick take 4/4/4 per day and just 1/1/1 as a preventative.

Davinci Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is vital to the immune system. Most people in the northeast have a hard time keeping their D3 levels near 50. Many have levels in the 20’s. Get as much sun as you can.

**The reason for the higher doses is that you need to hit the flu/COVID-19 with a hammer so that you quickly regain the upper hand and prevent it from lingering or getting worse.

**The reason for two drainage supplements (Antronex and Spanish Black Radish) is that the "gunk" that develops during a cold/flu is a contributing factor to inflammation and recovery delay.  

** We also want to prevent any lingering after affects and make sure your lungs are in great shape for next fall/winter.

****************Keep taking the doses for being sick until you have gone 7 days with no symptoms.  Once you've gone 7 days you can cut back to the preventative does.

3)  Steaming 1-2x/day.  Boil water in a big pot on the stove.  Place a couple cap fulls of raw apple cider vinegar in the water.  If you have Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and/or Tea Tree essential oils place a few drops in as well.  Once brought to a good boil, remove from stove and place you a towel over your head so that you can trap the steam with your head over the pot.  This will help to calm the airways down and open them up.  If you don't have any essential oils, I suggest getting at least the Eucalyptus from Down to Earth or on-line.  Young Living and Neal's Yard are good brands.

4)  Anyone in the family can do these things.  I suggest that anyone who is home with you take the preventative supplements amounts and if they began feeling sick to take the higher doses.

5)  No sugar or processed grains.  These feed the viruses/bacteria and weaken the immune system.  Recovery will be much slower.

6) Eat as many unprocessed foods as you can. Eating lots of vegetables will help your body to detoxify and clean out the kidneys, liver, lungs and lymphatic system.

Call 607-239-5773 or e-mail Aaron Lambert and

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